A School Day at the Preschool

Each day has a variety of playful activities and is flexible to allow for a free range of learning that will meet every child’s interests and talents.  Examples of our fun-filled learning activities and our daily schedule include the following:

Language/Art Activities challenge children to express their individuality and imagination.

Mathematics Activities create an understanding through concrete experiences that relate to ideas and concepts about quantity and addresses logical and spatial relationships.

Science and Technology/Engineering Activities foster children`s sense of curiosity about the natural world around them as they design, build, and test solutions through their play.

History and Social Competency Activities help children to acquire knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed in community life as they learn to cooperate, share, and respect the rules of their classroom.

Health and Safety Activities promote good nutrition and healthy habits and the prevention of injury and illness.

Circle Time increases vocabulary, attention, and the ability to think while listening to others and sharing ideas.

Music Time allows children to experience pleasure, joy, and creative expression.

Creative Play Time helps children to pursue individual interests while learning the value of cooperation and sharing.

Playground Play Time increases motor coordination and challenges physical mobility, which will build strength and endurance.

Story Time allows children to discover horizons to new experiences, cultures, different people, and customs, to express ideas, and to promote critical thinking.

Our varied program also includes a daily snack time, lunch time, rest time, occasional field trips, visiting artists, frenzy days, community service projects, and other activities that aim to develop the full potential of every child.