Each year, the Preschool conducts a comprehensive program evaluation to ensure that our services align with our goals and objectives. Collecting and incorporating family feedback is an invaluable part of this process as we aim to provide the best preschool experience for young children. Thoughts and ideas from our families about what we are doing well and what we could do better help us to improve our practices and shape future school improvements that truly reflect the needs of our community. Family surveys let us know how we are doing.

All responses are completely anonymous and confidential and we share results of our program evaluation with parents, staff members, and the Preschool’s Board of Directors.

After experiencing the preschool program, what do you like best about the program?

Ø The preschool director and teachers. They are very open to communicate with parents and we also love the curriculum and price. We think that the FCC preschool is one of the best preschool and the most affordable in Natick.

Ø  My child is happy at school.

Ø  I am very impressed with the staff, particularly the director. The school is incredibly well-organized and my child has grown so much during her time at FCC. Her learning is very evident at home.

Ø  The director is exceptional. She is professional, warm, friendly. She knows every child. I love her monthly newsletters and ways of describing social/emotional competency topics. I trust her and am grateful that she has been a part of my family’s life.

Ø  Well run and organized, solid academics/strong teachers, good communication from teachers and director, my child seems to be learning a great deal and we are very pleased.

Ø  I love everything about this program! I was so worried about sending my son to preschool, but I felt comfortable here right after my first visit. Both my kids are well taken care of and love going to school here. We couldn’t be happier!

Ø  I love the inviting atmosphere!

Ø  The warm and inviting feeling of the FCC program. The teachers seem to genuinely enjoy their job and care for each child. The smiles in the morning given to each child by teachers. They make ME smile as I walk out the door. I know my child is safe and WELL cared for by all teachers at the FCC.

Ø  Organized. Caring, loving environment with lots of parental involvement.

Ø  Teachers are awesome!

Ø  The staff and teachers are the best part of the preschool.

Ø  I really like the program as a whole not just one aspect.

Ø  The whole thing!

Ø  The teachers, crafts, morning meetings, friends.

Ø  Everything. Teachers, facilities, location etc.

Ø  The teachers and the music program.

Ø  The individual attention my child receives, the curriculum and the dedication of the teachers. They are terrific!!

Ø  My child is happy. Thankful that teachers are able to help my child to transition into classroom

Ø  I love the way they teach kids to be polite and to be caring. My child loves to go to school and it’s because of the loving warm teachers. So thank you.

Ø  The teachers!!

Ø  The curriculum, music and movement and the staff.

Ø  The staff are amazing. They are warm, caring, and constantly refreshing the classroom with new, fun, stimulating and specifically-targeted activities to engage my son. They also roll with the good days and bad of the kids with a sense of humor, which is wonderful.

Ø  Every single minute of it!

Ø  Daily schedule of various activities.

Ø  Curriculum, daily routine, music and movement, and open circle

Ø  Curriculum, open circle & academics

Ø  The teachers are terrific.

Ø  I love that my child shows interest in spelling. He is always asking how to spell a word. Before preschool he was never interested in learning about letters.

Ø  Teachers are so great with their kids!

Ø  The director runs a tight ship; atmosphere of respect, openness, professionalism; child friendly teachers; teachers show love towards students; bright classrooms; feeling of community in the large gathering space; open lines of communication….

Ø  I really like the daily updates informing me of what my child has done at school.

Ø  The teachers, the classroom environment. The big room and how the whole school meets up every day for music there. The community feel of the FCC.

Ø  My child always talks positively about preschool.

Ø  We love FCC. Wonderful staff, great place, great people, amazing teachers and director!

Ø  Thank You FCC preschool director and staff

Ø  Our family loves the FCC. I am so happy our child goes there and can’t wait for our next child to go there, too.

Ø  I love FCC! My child learns so much there, loves it, and is clearly well cared for.

Ø  My son has had a great experience at the FCC…he has come such a long way this year. Keep up the good work!!!

Ø  I’m a bit sad that my daughter will be my last child to go to the FCC. It’s bittersweet.

Ø  The teachers. (x6)   They are so wonderful.

Ø  My child comes home happy.

Ø  Friendly teachers and staff.

Ø  Everything!

Ø  I love all the extra fun learning experiences- puppet shows, special visitors, etc.

Ø  It’s warm, inviting and well-structured.

Ø  It’s a warm, caring, positive environment that’s been so good for my child.

Ø  We love how child centered this program is and our child is very happy there. We love the teachers and the music and movement program.

Ø  The monthly academic themes that use different ways to teach children and more importantly, the welcoming environment and warmth from the teachers and staff that teaches children how to be good individuals through example.

Ø  That the children spend time all together during music and movement, that they have plenty of time for physical activity and the warmth of the teachers.

Ø  Safety, teachers and schedule.

Ø  I like the teachers and all that my child has learned this year.

Ø  The teachers are so nice to my child, making her feel comfortable and happy to go to school every day.

Ø  The Director is well organized, warm and friendly. Hours of operation are convenient. I love the teachers.

Ø  I like the location and the facilities. I like the staff.

Ø  I like their monthly themes, music and movement, frenzy days, visiting artists, the warm feeling you get in the school and the staff.

Ø  Fun and friendly atmosphere. My child is greeted by his classroom teachers and other teachers at school as well.

Ø  My child’s teacher is one of the best teachers that we have come across. It’s clear that she genuinely cares about her students and shows such enthusiasm for her job each and every day. We are grateful for her hard work and dedication.

Ø  The preschool is warm and inviting! The location lends itself to community building.

Ø  The environment is welcoming. The staff are very friendly and my child loves to be in school.

Ø  The warm, caring staff and the focus on social competence! So important to teach our kids to be good people and I love that FCC cares about this!

Ø  Curriculum, staff, academics.

Ø  We adore everything about FCC. Nice balance between emphasis on social and language skills while preparing them for future academics.

Ø  The program is well run by an awesome director and fabulous staff. The music and movement program is great! We’re so happy at FCC.

Ø  The people. Everyone at the school makes my child feel loved and acknowledged. It’s made her first experience with school such a positive one, and that is something she will carry with her well into the future. I really can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for my child.

Ø  Well organized, creative, smart preschool program; great teachers; excellent academics; openness of the staff; being respected and listened to by the director and staff; friendliness of the staff and the joy of friendship among classmates reflected in our child.

Ø  My child teachers are great. Both my child and I love them. They are always so responsive, friendly and approachable, they do a tremendous job.

Ø  We can’t say enough good things about our child’s classroom and teachers. They do an excellent job.

Ø  We are so lucky to have such incredible teachers at FCC.

Ø  In both classrooms my child has attended the teachers have been amazing at communication with home and creating fabulous spaces for the kids during the day. They make school fun, welcoming, and warm for my child and we appreciate it so, so much!

Ø  Thank you for providing such a high quality preschool experience.

Ø  My daughter loves school and has learned SO much in her classroom. Thank you!

Ø  I think it’s a really great program and I feel so good having my child there.

Ø  I am very happy with the school.

Ø  We have been so happy with FCC!

Ø  We are very pleased.

Ø  The hours are very good.

Ø  Our experience at FCC was unforgettable and very enjoyable. The past year at FCC has made my child more confident and sociable. And I believe this will have a huge positive impact for her growth and life. I appreciate the kindness of FCC teachers

Ø  My child’s teachers did an excellent job with the Parent/teacher conferences. I left our meeting feeling very well-informed about my child’s progress and areas that we need to work on in the future. I was grateful for the opportunity to discuss his development with them and felt comfortable that he is being cared for by teachers who GENUINELY care about him and his well-being.

Ø  We were also very impressed with the Director’s demeanor, level of organization, and overall approach during initial meeting.

Ø  Thank you for all that you do!

Ø  I love your school and hope to send my younger one in a few years!

Ø  We are so impressed by the high level of communication from the preschool. It has been amazing to have such detailed information to start conversations with our children.

Ø  Music and movement.