Preschool Staff

Preschool staff members have professional degrees and are certified early childhood educators with CPR and First Aid training.  They are qualified to aid in the cognitive, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual growth of your child.

Each Preschool staff member attends professional development workshops and/or academic courses to increase and improve their skills.  They share learning strategies, techniques, and knowledge with their colleagues.  Experienced teachers mentor new teachers.  This sharing benefits everyone, especially the children.

Preschool Director
Mrs. Teresa Iodice

Classroom and Office Assistants
Mrs. Elizabeth Hernandez
Mrs. Christina Walsh

Early Bird Program
Ms. Britt White-Lead Teacher

Chickadees Classroom
Mrs. Gail Cole-Professional Development Specialist/Lead Teacher
Mrs. Dana Olsen-Teacher

Kookaburras Classroom
Mrs. Stephanie Chambers-Development Support Specialist/Lead Teacher
Ms. Britt White-Lead Teacher

Puffins Pre-K Classroom
Mrs. Jennifer O’Shaughnessy-Curriculum Specialist/Lead Teacher
Mrs. Kerrie Queen-Teacher

Extended Day Enrichment Program
Ms. Britt White-Lead Teacher
Mrs. Dana Olsen-Teacher

Late Day Pickup
Ms. Britt White-Teacher